NADA Hudson 2012

Allen Glatter

July 28 – July 29, 2012
11 am – 7 pm

Basilica Hudson
110 S Front St
Hudson, New York 12594

Rawson Projects is pleased to announce its participation in the second edition of NADA Hudson. This year the gallery will exhibit two new sculptures by Allen Glatter.

Glatter begins formulating each sculpture from a series of drawings made using a harmonograph – a device that uses pendulums to create two-dimensional geometric diagrams. The artist then re-conceptualizes these patterns in the third dimension by imagining the movement of the pendulums through time and space.

What begins as a very technical process results in highly abstract, brightly colored sculptures that are both beautiful as object themselves and illustrate a varied and complex understanding of the viewer’s relationship to the physical world. The two sculptures at Hudson are from a new series works by the artist entitled LIMAWHISKEYFOXTROT. The title refers to the NATO phonetic alphabet and further underscores the semaphore-like character of the individual pieces.

In addition to the two works on view at Hudson, Glatter’s work That Which, 2011 is also installed in a group exhibition at Chesterwood, the country home, studio, and gardens of one of America's foremost public sculptors, Daniel Chester French. Chesterwood is conveniently located only 30 minutes from Hudson by car in the Berkshires town of Stockbridge, MA.

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 Allen Glatter. That Which, 2011   Photo: Caroline Cook