744 Hr Photo & Tanning

Barb Choit

Reception for the artist: Friday, September 7, 6 – 8 pm
August – September 2012


For immediate release

In addition to its regular exhibition program, Rawson Projects hosts an artist in residence each summer. This year, Canadian-born artist Barb Choit will use the gallery as a studio for several weeks in August and September to make new photographic works. Moreover, the artist has transformed the gallery storefront into a site-specific installation entitled '744 Hr Photo & Tanning.'

As the title suggests, Choit will continue her practice of utilizing a modified UV-light-emitting tanning bed as a photographic tool, further exploring her interest in the effect of photochemical processes on found objects. She will use ultraviolet light to fade images into photographic backdrop paper. The resulting works will be a series of large contact prints, made from materials more common to the photo shoot than the darkroom.

In addition to creating works with artificial UV light, the artist has installed backdrop paper in the windows of gallery's facade to make use of the fading properties of natural sunlight. The paper will be left to fade for the "744 hour" duration — or exposure time — of the project, creating a time-lapse imprint of the gallery's windows.

The current modifications to the gallery's facade; the photogram in process, as well as her custom-made neon sign, will be on view 24/7 until the close of the show.

The other the resulting works will be on view at a reception for the artist at the gallery on Friday, September 7, from 6 – 8 pm.

Barb Choit (b. 1977 Vancouver, Canada) lives and works in New York, NY and Vancouver, Canada. The artist received an MFA from the California Institute of the Arts (2002), and an MA in Modern Art and Curatorial Studies from Columbia University (2004). Choit has exhibited widely at venues in the United States such as The Queens Museum of Art, NY; Rachel Uffner Gallery, NY; Asia Song Society, NY; Bureau, NY; Lisa Cooley, NY; and the Dumbo Arts Center, NY and as well as many international venues including Blanket Contemporary Art Inc., Vancouver, Canada and the Aratoi Museum, Masterton, New Zealand. The artist will have her second solo exhibition in New York at Rachel Uffner Gallery in October.

To schedule a private viewing and for other inquiries please contact the gallery at info@rawsonprojects.com